Monday, September 28, 2009

Portabella Mushroom

So I have a new puppy. She is really cute but I think all the plants in the living room makes her think she is outside because she poops in there all the time! I like having her, it gives me something to take care of. Chris definitely helps with that though, I can only do so much right now. She's really cute so I think that helps too haha.

My leg got approved!!!! But of course it takes a couple of days for it to get to my prostetician. But I am crossing my fingers I will have it by the end of the week! It kind of sucks though because this is my chemo week and I am going to be too tired to do as much as I want to with the new leg. I just want this step of my journey to be over with already!!! I'm sick of waiting for the next step and the next step until things are normal again. Because the step after getting the leg is learning on it which will take at least 6 months to master. Then after that I have to wait for the skin covering and make sure it looks as normal as possible.

And the chemo step... That step is the hardest, especially the week after because I have to stay at home because I am too sick to go and do anything. I get cabin fever really badly. It takes a toll psychologically having to stay home for 9 days in a row...I hope this new medicine fixes being sick. The same medicine I could have had right at the beginning if my fucking doctor would have had the decency to tell me right away. I hate almost all the people at that hospital they really don't care.

Don't know what else to say...I have 2 more months of this hell and hope to be back in Santa Barbara in 3 months and get back to my life I had to leave behind.

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