Monday, August 30, 2010

Completely Humbled...

What a weekend...

I've been in Irvine for the amputee conference for the past 4 days and it was definitely an experience just meeting everyone and hearing their stories. (I felt like my story was boring compared to theirs!)

From motorcycle accidents, to car accidents, helicopter accidents, power line accidents, land mines, cancer, congenital, train accidents, combat, infection, diabetes, flesh eating disease, meningitis, doctor error and I am sure there is more... Everyone's story was different and equally almost unbelievable.

I did not meet one person that was not making lemonade out of lemons in one way or the other. Makes you see how awesome, real, and nice all these people are. Everyone has been in somewhat life threatening situations in one way or the other so most have the same philosophy in life... It's too short and you have to make your life worth it and live it to the fullest. Even if it means just following your dreams that before may have seemed impossible...

I think everyone could learn from most amputees. I definitely did... I wish I would have been able to go to this sooner. Maybe it would have stopped my whining about my leg and my frustration over stupid stuff that goes along with it. People always say "someone somewhere always has it worse than you" but that doesn't mean anything until you MEET that person or people.

Even if they do have it worse than me they are definitely not leading on to it. This made me realize a lot about myself...

Definitely glad I went this weekend....

A little reminder of what I have lost... Learning from this weekend. It's time to move on...

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things part deux

Once again, no we are not dancing around in a gazebo with some German boy singing about our age. Its a list of funny, weird, annoying observations I have made in my life here in Santa Barbara.

Why the hell isn't this here when I need it????:

1. Why do we allow a nasty Kmart while Target has empty land just uglying up the area because the county won't let them build???

2. This is probably everywhere but why the hell does Bed Bath and BEYOND not carry bar soap????? You can't go beyond if you don't even have the bath yet!!! Why does Adam Sandler get a frickin' time changing remote and I can't even get bar soap???

3. Why do grocery stores not carry funnels???

4. All the gyms close at 11 or 12!!! and on weekend they close at 8! How am I suppose to be able to go? Everywhere else but here is 24 hours in some place in the vicinity.
Seems like the logical places never have what I need...

hello! weirdness has entered the building!!!!

1. They are giving out TEQUILA shots in the grocery store in the middle of the have to show your ID and everything!!! Are we condoning drinking and driving now? Nope, now its drinking and grocery shopping. Why the hell would Albertsons give out alcohol like its a bacon wrapped sausages???

2. Crazy old lady randomly turn around and walk up to me and my friends and say "how would you feel if you were forced to retire after 40 years of teaching?"... and then turn around and walk away...WHAAAA? We are still puzzled by that moment.

3. If you are SHAKING profusely, cannot even read the GIANT numbers on the gas pump, and are oblivious to your children RUNNING around the gas station, you probably should not be allowed to drive...just sayin'

TOURISTS... I'm gunna kill 'em

1. Going the WRONG way on a one way street. I know you are in a different city but there are SIGNS people!

2. If the walk/don't walk sign has a big RED hand that means DON'T WALK!!!! cars have to be able to drive people!!!!

3. There is never ANY parking!!!!

4. Don't stop in the middle of the friggen street to take a picture!!! jeez tourists and traffic just don't mix I guess...


1. FIESTA: basically a mexican version of st patty's day...where you drink like hell and throw at anyone and everyone plastic eggs full of confetti (that if they stay on your skin long enough stain your skin whatever color the confetti is, I found that out when my friend threw an egg down my dress). it is also the holiday where bars have to post a sign saying "NO mariacci bands". weirdly enough I think its bigger than cinco de mayo.

2. St patrick's day... DO NOT expect to get into ANY bar that is even CLOSE to irish (even the english bars) they are FULL and there is a line around the building to get in. basically a typical st pattys day full of green and drinking things that are green.

3.Haloween: Don't expect to get anywhere near IV unless you are a resident. even then you have to show proof you live in IV. There are THOUSANDS of people that come to UCSB just for Haloween. its a day where girls dress like sluts and guys love it. Don't go to sb if your claustrophobic. (ps: this pic is actual IV on haloween)

ahh I know I will miss the antics of SB when I am gone, but I am sure every town has crazy stuff happening....I love/hate you SB!!!

These are a few of my favorite things...

No we are not singing as we climb over the green hills to get away from the Nazis. This is a list of some of my favorite (or maybe not so favorite) things about Santa Barbara and the people in them...

WEIRD/HOMELESS PEOPLE (not always one in the same):
(I have to admit its entertaining most of the time...)

1. An old man mumbling, then yelling out "YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!" then mumbling again in the middle of Starbucks...and he only gets a glance from everyone in there. Then walks out in the pouring rain wearing bermuda shorts mumbling to himself all the way home.

2. A guy walking into Albertsons dressed in a bright yellow rain suit (hat and all) like he's the Gorton's fisherman... Did I mention it had only been sprinkling the whole day?

3. The only place where you will see a rat riding a cat riding a dog.

4. Homeless people give each other "knowing" glances as they pass each other on the street like they are in their own special club.

5. Homeless people are out on State street 12 months out of the year. And since there is "competition" they have to get creative in order to get money. Like: "fishing for money" (cup attached to a "fishing pole") or "I want beer", that one always makes me laugh, OR my FAVORITE "hey do you want my fries?" "NO"...WTF!? homeless guy's getting greedy!!!

I could go on forever about homeless people...


1. If a cloud even lets out ONE drop of rain, DO NOT even think about driving faster than 45 on the freeway. OK guys, just because it only rains 2 times a year does not mean that you all the sudden have forgotten how to drive.

2. Even if it's not raining, there will still be some idiot IN THE FAST LANE going 45...I am not even exaggerating, it happened a couple weeks ago.

3. In Isla Vista (where UCSB is) if you are driving a car, do not expect to get anywhere very fast. Bicycles EVERYWHERE, and they don't give a shit if you are in a car. And apparently pedestrians feel the same way because a guy WALTZED in front of my car, I had to slam on my breaks, he casually looks at me and then keeps walking. Every time I go over there I feel like I am in a different universe...

4. If you ever drive down State street do NOT expect to turn left...EVER...for some magical reason it's only allowed on Sundays...AND I HATE trying to turn right during tourist season, all the pedestrians make it impossible!!!

5. And my personal pet peeve (its only in my condo complex) I HATE SPEED BUMPS!!! every 10 feet there is a f'ing speed bump. And I am at the end!!! I think I have to go over about 10 to 15 speed bumps just to get to my house!


1. Wherever you go, dogs are allowed. I have seen a person bring their dog into a restaurant and no one even gave a second glance.

2. We are literally two miles from the beach and they won't let us into the club because someone is wearing shorts....uhhhhh whaaa?

3. It is a JOURNEY to find fast food places. Almost all of them are in THE MOST difficult places to find.

4. There is a DISGUSTING Kmart but they refuse to put in a Target.

5. The closest Target, major restaurants (applebee's etc), and even Jamba Juice are an hour away.

I simply remember my favorite things and then I don't feeeeeel soooo baaaaaaaaad!

GAH! that song was playing over and over in my head the whole time I was writing this!

Anyways, I am sure there is more so there may be a part two later on. Life is good, and is starting to get back into place. I am where I am suppose to be and definitely happy to be here.