Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Funny things about being an amputee

It's been 3 years since I lost my leg... not a sad thing for me, but people still seem to feel sorry for me. DON'T! haha my life is so much better without it! I would have never met the people I have met, heard stories I have heard, and found a new sort of twisted humor out of it all...

Some of the things I would never thought I would say in my life:

"Hold on let me put my leg on"

"My feet are cold...I mean foot"
 "My feet hurt...I mean foot"
"My feet are wet...I mean foot"

"It's my leg corner!"

"My hydraulics are squeaky" 

"Hold on, have to charge my leg"

"EFF my leg just died!"

"Tattoo my leg, I'll be back for it later"

"I have to get my leg calibrated"

"My leg guy just called me"

"There are three dismembered feet on my bedroom floor right now..."

Some of the things I would never thought I would have heard in my life:

"If I were you and lost my leg I think I would have killed myself" (wtf?!)



"MOM LOOOOK" (frantically pointing at me)


(Man) "Did you break your leg?" (7 yr old cousin) "NO SHE DOESN'T HAVE ONE!!"
(if you haven't been able to tell children like to yell)

"Did a shark eat your leg?!"

"Thank you for your service" "I am not a Vet"...awkward silence

Some things people say to me not realizing my leg is missing (AKA awkward central) then I have to explain my leg is not THERE:

"Did you tear your ACL?"
 (apparently the most common knee injury. I hear this ALOT)

"What happened to your knee?"

"Your knee looks out of place"

"Your knee looks weird"

(walk up to cashier with crutches) "Oh did you break your ankle?"
 (I always imagine their face when I walk away...I get embarrassed for them)

And a lot more of how did you break/hurt your ankle/knee...stop being so nosy people! You make yourself look stupid!

There are a ton of jokes that I never thought I would make but that will have to be in another blog because there are plain just too many...

I never take anything serious from people about missing my leg and I just decide to find it all amusing... even the rude comments. 

Why not, right? :)

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Different World...

Before I had cancer my life was pretty vanilla cookie cutter. It's a really strange world now that I am a minority... Even though I am not in a wheelchair I think of my friends that have a really difficult time accessing buildings, pools, houses etc...I also really notice if someone illegally takes a handicap spot...Karma is going to get you if you illegally take a handicap spot...just saying... 

That being said, I get GLARED at when seen taking a handicap spot... that is until they see me get out of my car, look down and sheepishly look away... Not only is it unusual to be missing a limb it is more unusual to be a young person missing a limb and even MORE unusual to be a young female missing a limb... 

Therefore there is not a day goes by that I don't get stared at... I have grown to live with the stares and the comments...but some days I just wish I had a rest from it... 

A rest from little kids pointing, saying "mommy look!" and their mothers telling them to shut up...a rest from "oh did your hurt your ankle...oh"...a rest from "how did you lose your leg"...a rest from awkwardly explaining to someone that I was never in the service after they have just thanked me...

 There are not many days where I feel like that because for the most part I have accepted that this is a part of my life and that people will never changed...human nature is so strange... 

 I have a new story every day of something funny/interesting/stupid/rude that someone has done towards me...I know my friends love my stories haha... 

All in all it's going to be a strange/interesting life for me for a very long time...and it will be a completely different world for me than it was 3 years ago... 

 C'est La Vie!