Monday, February 21, 2011

Now that's awkward...

Via Creativity online

Everyone hates awkward moments... especially with strangers. If you have an awkward moment with a friend or family you can always joke it away and you know they won't take it the wrong way or not get your joke. But with strangers there is no good way to get out of an awkward situation.

This has been especially apparent with me since my amputation. And only when I am walking around on crutches not with my prosthetic (because that is understandable if someone doesn't know).

This is how scenario one goes:

I am walking with crutches (usually up to a cash register or something where the other person is unable to see I am legless).

Cashier: "Oh did you hurt your ankle?" (ps. why is it always your ankle? does the rest of your leg just not get hurt?)

Me: "Uhmm...(awkward laugh) no" then once you walk away they will see you are legless and then feel bad.


Me: "actually I had to have my leg amputated"
Cashier: "oh I am so sorry!" Then they proceed to apologize and they feel bad.

How do you avoid making them feel bad? There is NO good way to get out of this situation without making them feel bad and making you feel awkward because you know they will end up feeling bad.

Scenario 2:

The person is oblivious and is standing right in front of you and asks "Oh what happened". That's when I just say "really????... really." Then they feel stupid when they realize that they are idiots. Those situations I don't feel bad or awkward because they just are not observant AT ALL.

And even if you are not legless who EVER wants to tell a stranger how they hurt themselves? When has it ever been a memory you want to relive? Why are people so nosy/curious?

MORAL OF THE STORY PEOPLE: CURIOSITY KILLED THE CAT...or if it doesn't kill your furry friend maybe it will kill your curiosity from now on.