Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Lattes and bagels

I decided to do chemo one more time. It's only 4 days and half the dose. Hopefully this will help a bit...not a bit, a lot. I got here at the hospital yesterday and instantly got depressed. I have been really happy since I got my leg and have been able to be more independent for myself. So feeling depressed again is super frustrating and I definitely don't want to be feeling like this right now.

Overall life has been getting better. The leg is the main catylist for this. because it was taking sooo long to get the leg I was just getting more and more frustrating and depressing. I had to get snapped out of it because it was getting to be unhealthy.

I've been so so bored lately. I am thinking of things to do, but there are some days where I am too tired or sick to leave my house. But I am still super bored. Especially since I don't have any internet at home. So I am dwindled down to TV, texting, and hanging out with the bf. All of which I obviously don't mind, but when it's the same thing every day it gets monotonous. The puppy has been sick so I haven't been able to play with her.

I went to Santa Barbara this past weekend. It was a really good break from the every day routine I have been confined to recently. I definitely wanted to stay there... 3 more months and I will be back for good :)