Monday, November 7, 2011

Veterans Day

I share a memorable day with veterans: 11/11, the day I found out I had cancer for the first time.

Like most veterans my life was never the same again...for a while it was not for the better, but things got there, always in time.

I have met so many amazing men who have lost a piece of themselves in one way or another for our country. It amazes me that every single one of them are still so incredibly patriotic even after their injuries...

This last AmpSurf clinic I looked around, as a blind girl sang The National Anthem, these men with missing limbs, replaced pieces of their body and lost pieces of their brains stood in salute, so incredibly proud to have fought for this country... where is our patriotism?

I recall a man I met that was a vet in the Vietnam war...He said it took 20 years for someone to even THANK him for what he did for our country...what is wrong with us?

After I met this man, I met another man at an amputee conference. He had told me he was a Vietnam vet and that he had lost his leg from an old land mine. I recalled the first man and made a point to thank him and shake his hand before I said goodbye...I think it was the first time he had heard those words because his eyes welled up with tears...I turned and walked away and the thought in my head was: 37 years without a thank you...How?

Thank the vets and currently serving men and women. No matter how young or old. They have made incredible sacrifices for us to be free and be able to have the rights and say in the world we live in. We are all so incredibly blessed to have people like this in our country...