Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Is it wrong that I want to punch my doctor in her stupid fucking face???

Phone calls telling me that I need a needle biopsy is pretty fucking annoying when you are already 3 and a half hours into a drive to move back to a life without assholes like this in it. I have told her more than 5 times I AM MOVING BACK TO SANTA BARBARA AT THE END OF DECEMBER. AND I told her that same thing a week ago when she made me do a last minute MRI that she knew about 3 days before she called me. shouldn't that be something put in my file so you can remember????

Phone call:

Idiot: how are you? Me: Just driving through socal. I: or for vacation? M: no Im moving back to school like I told you...

confusing explantaion for y I need this biopsy (which is more confusing because my surgeon said he didnt see anything worrysome, sooo y the biopsy?)

Idiot: you should do it in 2 weeks or a month. Me: what would u suggest I do? Idiot: Its up to you.

Its up to me???!!! Since when did I get a doctors degree??? Isn't her job to give me her professional opinion on what I am suppose to do in these circumstances?

Me: so is this precaution or is there something to be worried about?.....then the reception goes out, I lose the call, and I cannot get a hold of her.

But of course she calls at like 4:30 so I have no time to call many people to figure out what I am suppose to do. My surgeon had surgeries all day today and the place where I would get the biopsy didn't have the schedule lady there because she was sick. So now its 2:30 in the morning and I am still awake because I am fucking livid and worried and stressed out.

Oh yeah and did I mention I did this MRI a week and a half ago and it only takes a few days for the technician to get back to the doctors...I am sure she had the info last week.

I am done talking to that stupid inconsiderate woman, all she cares about is the diagnosis not the person. I will just talk to my surgeon who actually knows more about my type of cancer than her anyways. I'll let my dad handle her and maybe she will get it through her thick skull that I am a person with a life and don't need to be treated like this....

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  1. I bet Dad would be happy to help out his daughter.