Sunday, January 17, 2010

What a week

So I guess since I have been out of "reality" for the past 8 months it decided it wanted to punch me in the face... kind of a "when it rains it pours" situations.

I have been back in Santa Barbara for a little over a week now and it feels like it has been a whole damn month! Here is the gist of my week:

Sunday: Desktop will not stay on and keeps hibernating, don't really know why....great have to go to geek squad tomorrow. Oh! and while we are at it, let's disable your Norton on your laptop and give you a nice virus that puts shortcuts to porn websites right on your desktop...awesome!!! time to go to the gym where I don't have to think about that shit!!!

Monday: Only took my desktop, wasn't sure if Tony could fix my laptop or not. The line was ridiculously long and the geek squad people were having a day from hell...I can relate. Spend 200 bucks... SO off to the gym to have my free personal training, kind of boring and slightly useless. Then it was 3 the computer lab closed at 5:45 and I had to do both my business and photo prep weeks there because, well, I didn't have a computer! I somehow finished it all with 5 minutes to spare. I came home, had a glass of wine and watched whatever was on our one channel that we get on TV. All the while anticipating my first day back at school.

Tuesday: WHAT...THE...FUCK...I am awake, dressed, drinking coffee, out the door..."where the hell is the sun???" OH YEAH its 6:30 in the morning!!! Wonderful 7am business class followed by a 3 hour photo class. I really like the teacher and am excited for the first assignment: duplicate as exact as possible a shot from a photographer that you wrote about in the prep week. Finished early, drove home, took a nap on the couch,and then brought my laptop to Geek squad (another 200 bucks). I went into ATT because it was right there and my blue tooth wasn't connecting. I felt like I walked into a deserted room with 6 little ATT people huddled up behind one of their longer desks chattin' away. (really do they need that many people working all at once?). They fixed it, I went home, had a glass of wine and watched Six feet Under.

Wednesday: I tried really hard to get up to go to the gym but it just didn't happen. Brought my car to get my oil changed where I found out it was very important that my tires be changed that day. So after a lot of phone calls back and forth with my parents another 500 bucks for 4 tires. While I waited I walked and had lunch at a Mexican restaurant and people watched. SO...MANY...UGGS!!! That's the noise I wanna make when I see those damn things....they r everywhere!!! Came home, saw the Hookah Chris sent me was there, found a broken bowl. Went to IV (where everyone is oblivious to the fact that cars exist so they just saunter right in front of you) got a new bowl and some mint hookah. Went to the mail place because he put insurance on it, found out you have to file the claim online...wonderful. Came home, Hung out with Laurel, smoked some hookah, then went out with Ashley to Dargins' to play pool with Bridgor and Aubs. Found out the Marketing class I was supposed to take all the sudden doesnt clash with my photo class... ahhh I just LOVE admin at Brooks...

Thursday: skipped business...went to photo demo with a very cool professional photog who showed us his way of shooting, learned a lot. Went to Jefferson to try and get into the marketing class where the admins were clueless to the fact that my business class interfered with my photo...typical "hey guys!!! look at your FUCKING schedule and you will see the issue!" Couldn't get in. Came home, took my leg off, took a nap, picked up my laptop (no serious damage) then later got up to get ready to go out. Went to Pressroom then wildcat, which was ridiculously packed. almost fell over a couple of times because people were EVERYWHERE and pushing everyone...still fun, lots of friends went.

Friday: Got up late, gave Laurel her keys. Got ready, went the hour and a half to SLO to see the prosthetist to fix the valve on my leg. Met a nice amp girl that worked there, really like the prosthetist very informative. Tara had class so I drove home. Couldn't put my leg on so I just hung out. Called Geek Squad because they never called me "it says we called you" "yeah you called me about my laptop, get your shit straight" Tony helped me get it and plugged it in and everything for me. watched shows on the computer then went to bed.

Saturday: Took FOREVER to get out of bed. Finally got up, got ready, cleaned my room a little bit. went to the bathroom...great, my toilet isn't flushing...I had to pour and pour and pour water into the tank to just flush it once..."everything is breaking around me!!!" went to get gas, went to get drinks etc, came back and cleaned, got ready for the party. Everyone came fashionably late, some left unfashionably early, some for good reason. smoked hookah, drank, and Tim made me a Hookah CD. Funny conversation, good people, all of my christmas candy got eaten, all a very good night :)

Sunday: Started to think my luck was getting better....NOPE! trying to sign up for a studio "student can only walk in on studios because they are a VJ or VIS student, no reservations"....UHHHH since when???? I have ALWAYS been a photo maj. I called, they said I wasn't even enrolled in a class and that was why. "I AM in a class and it is at the same fucking building you are at right now!" there are no managers because its the weekend and tomorrow is a holiday..."perfect" my fucking assignment is due Tuesday morning and you are telling me you can't do anything about it UNTIL Tuesday??? what the hell am I suppose to do?? NO help No help, their hands are tied because they have no I have to go first thing tomorrow and try and walk in on a studio...


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