Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Who...A year later...


This blog is in reference to a blog I did almost exactly a year ago...

Since then I have done a lot of things in my life...

Soon after I started surfing with Amp Surf, which changed my life so much. I feel like I can do anything.

I cameod on a few TV shows and Movies... Which was something I never expected.

I got to photograph some awesome actors like Kirk Douglas and Harrison Ford.

I met some of the most amazing people at the amputee conference, which was completely humbling.

I graduated with a bachelors from Brooks in Santa Barbara.

I got engaged that same weekend.

My fiancee' went into the army.

I am starting my career and my life....my whole life is ahead of me...

But as a cancer survivor, I will always have those nagging feelings in the back of my head every time I step into the blood lab or radiology...what if this is the day that my life gets flipped upside down...yet again...

But who am I?

I have not felt lost in the past year, and even though there is less of me, I feel whole...

I NEVER imagined my life would be this way, but that's OK...

My life has been harder than most, but I feel like a better human being because of it. And I know that I am stronger for it...

I now ROCK the shorts and find every opportunity to wear them...Stare at me all you want, I am going to stay confident. Even if you ARE rudely gawking...

And I cannot get away from the fact that I am an amputee. People will remember me first as the girl with one leg, then second as anything else. I have been told that I inspire people...somehow I inspire people by just walking through the farmers market...I will never be seen as anything else, but that's OK. Because as crazy as it sounds, if I can help one person in any way feel better about their own lives then it was worth the pain and suffering to get where I am.

So who am I?
I am one year older, I am still a 2x cancer survivor, daughter, sister, girlfriend, friend, amputee, photographer, dancer, choreographer, artist, American, Californian, Christian, musician.

I will be forever changed by what has happened to me and now, a year later, I am OK with it because I KNOW I am where I am suppose to be in life.

Would I change my life if I could? No chance in hell. I am happy, and I have been given opportunities I NEVER would have had with 2 legs.


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  1. You rock my world. My soul. My being. You are amazing! So happy to know you are so complete and whole and happy. What a statement. What an inspiration....thank you!!!